Terence Gelo is a Houston-based industrial designer with a history of creating growth through user research, engineering, marketing, and project management. After studying Industrial Design at the University of Houston, his work with consultancies and consumer product companies resulted in successful product lines that are available in retailers across the U.S. and abroad. In 2016 he founded Houston's first consumer product design consultancy, resulting in multiple patents in an array of industries.
Product design and graphic work done by Terence has made it to the shelves of REI, Walmart, Target, Costco, Bass Pro, Academy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Primary Arms, Kroger, and most other major U.S. retailers. Some of these designs are the result of working with brands like Igloo Coolers, Flambeau, Pelican, Allen Gun Cases, Plano, Primary Arms Optics, Boyt, Bledsoe, Calcutta, Huk, Ego Fishing, Elaine Turner, and Engel among others. His design expertise extends to international interior design projects including the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum, the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame, the Equatorial Guinea Presidential Library, and the Igloo Corporation Shenzhen Showroom. Projects that Terence has worked on can be seen in use by the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC. In 2019, Terence was invited back to teach sophomore industrial design studio at his alma mater. Concurrent with this he worked at Taxa Outdoors, managing the design and engineering of NASA-inspired camping habitats to redefine the recreational vehicle industry.
Currently, Terence works as Senior Industrial Designer for NASA, contracted through KBR. Working on-site at Johnson Space Center, his work includes the design and manufacture of space hardware and vehicles for use in human-in-the-loop-testing. The role supports elements of the Artemis missions, from orbital habitats to surface transportation and extra-vehicular activities.
He is always interested in reviewing projects and opportunities alike. If you would like to inquire about hiring him, or to simply discuss struggles with your project, please reach out.
Work Experience

-Member of the Center for Design and Space Architecture, supporting NASA's Artemis missions as contracted through KBR.
-Uses Rhino 3D to model concepts, works with stakeholders to identify and accommodate requirements, and builds interactive prototypes.
-Informs future design intent by facilitating Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) testing.
-Designs and develops hardware for testing at the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO), the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), in the Active Response Gravity Offload System (ARGOS), and at the Desert Research and Technology Studies facility (DRATS).
-Involvement will include Gateway, the Human Landing System (HLS), the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV), the Surface Exploration Vehicle (SEV).
-Projects support habitation, surface mobility, and exploration. 

Design Group Manager 
TAXA Outdoors, Inc.
Designs habitable vehicles to support comfortable living, usability, and aesthetics while engineering and incorporating complex mechanical solutions.
-Develops human-centered products with anthropometrics at their core. 
-Manages a gated NPI design process that encompasses research, sketching, 3D modeling, engineering, prototyping, usability testing, and procurement.
-Plans, distributes, executes, and reviews design work across internal and external design, engineering, and manufacturing resources.
-Creates prototypes of varying fidelity and represents design intent through physical models, sketches, and renderings.
-Conceptualizes, designs, and prototypes support systems such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and propane to improve safety, comfort, and usability.
-Applies project management principles to set schedules, engage cross-functional teams, manage budget, and lead design reviews.
-Designs and creates drawings for parts made via CNC and waterjetting. 
-Administers Solidworks PDM to manage iterations of complex 3D models.
-Advised on and completed tool purchases to complete an in-house prototyping workshop while setting standards of best practice for tool use.
Owner, Design Lead 
Vivify Product Development 
-Designed consumer products from concept sketch to production, navigating complex engineering considerations to ensure products make it onto shelves. 
-Conducted user research to generate concepts, prototyped designs, and performed usability testing to validate human factors.
-Responsible for evaluating markets, leading design and engineering, developing brands, maintaining client relations, and tracking finances. 
-Sourced and managed 50 contract designers to achieve success for clients. 

-Worked with Walmart, Academy, Target, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, and others. 
-Designs in use by the MLB, NBA, and UFC. 
-Developed products for Bledsoe, Pelican, Flambeau, Engel, Big Rock, Hard Core, Evolution Outdoor Designs, PORCH + HALL, TimTam, and others. 
Creative Supervisor 
Primary Arms, LLC 
-Coordinated with engineers and suppliers to design intricate optical products in a way that was intelligible and usable for consumers. 
-Directly managed a team of designers while managing projects and product releases across a team of marketing professionals.
-Completed Project Management Course through the Project Management Institute, resulting in CAPM certification. 

-YOY sales grew 80%, driven by increased brand recognition, re-focused marketing initiatives, and improved product representation. 
-Led a rebranding initiative, including an assortment-wide packaging redesign, to target consumer segments and differentiate price tiers. 
-Established brand languages and enforced them through brand guidelines. 
-Executed product launch plans for entering new market segments and oversaw their implementation. 
-Initiated creative promotions— such as media buys, giveaways, and print ads— and adapted them with feedback from key performance indicators. 
-Coordinated with sales team and engineers to design a POP interactive that demystified product assortment and flattened the consumer learning curve. 
-Defined and embodied brand strategies via a 65-page product catalog. 
-Implemented project management software to track multi-phase projects. 
Adjunct Professor 
University of Houston 

-Taught INDS 2501, Sophomore Industrial Design Studio, for the spring semester in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. 
-Recruited to instruct by Program Director due to demonstrated excellence while attending the university. 

Product Designer 
Igloo Products Corporation 

-Responsible for evaluating consumer segmentation, anticipating market trends, and developing products to appeal to retailers and consumers. 
-Collected and quantified market research, sourced factories, created construction spec packages, reverse engineered competitive products. 
-Increased sales and sell-through year-over-year. 
-Developed manufacturing techniques revolutionary to the market. 
-Designed a product showroom space in China and managed foreign contractors to maintain budget and complete an extensive buildout. 
Inventor and Co-Founder 
Sensibly, LLC 

-Designed and developed a bi-hormonal insulin pump (artificial pancreas). 
-Assembled a team, formed a business plan, and established bylaws and operating agreements. 
-Raised funding, filed a provisional patent, and applied for SBIR grants. 
-Designed and built a complete functional prototype. 

Industrial Design Contractor 
Point Innovation

-Worked remotely as supplemental design support. 
-Designed and developed concepts for Bledsoe, Petmate, others. 
Exhibit Designer 
Southwest Museum Services 

-Responsible for designing the interiors of museums across the U.S. and abroad, and leading the shop via construction drawings to complete buildouts. 
-Duties encompassed conceptualization, engineering, and production of museum layouts and elements. 
-Developed interactive modules, researched and designed to tell a story while educating the audience. 
-Projects include: Equatorial Guinean Presidential Library and Archives, Chennault Aviation & Military Museum, Texas Tennis Hall of Fame, Pasadena History Museum, Historic Arkansas Knife Gallery, and others. 
Graphic, Product, & Web Design Intern 
Elaine Turner Designs

-Responsible for creating daily email content, managing creative for the retail website, product photography, and general marketing materials. 
-Assisted with the design of women’s shoes, handbags, and jewelry. 


University of Houston
Industrial Design
Project Management Institute
Project Management Basics Course

Dale Carnegie 
Time Management Certification
Sandra Day O'Connor High School
Academic Decathlon, Latin Club President


Patent Pending (Contributor)
Patent (Inventor)

Patent Pending (Contributor) 
Patent Pending (Inventor)

Patent Pending (Contributor)
Outdoor Retailer ‘Best of Show’
"The Manual"

Selected Projects 
IDSA Southern District
2012 & 2013
"The Next Big Thing" 
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